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A Legacy of Passion, Purpose, and Progress

Dr. Gerald Lynn Morgan's Vision for NCT

In the world of transformative leaders, Dr. Gerald Lynn Morgan's legacy shines brilliantly. Departing this realm on September 11, 2022, at the age of 72, Dr. Morgan's life journey is a testament to relentless dedication, visionary leadership, and an unwavering passion for education.

For over two decades, he served as the beloved Pastor of Hoyt Street Flourishing Ministries C.O.G.I.C., nurturing the spiritual growth of many. However, his aspirations transcended the pulpit. Recognizing education as a catalyst for change, Dr. Morgan spearheaded an annual Martin Luther King Jr. Day celebration in the late 1980s. This initiative grew into "The Gerald L. Morgan Scholarship Foundation," honoring Dr. King's legacy and propelling local individuals toward educational excellence.

September 2010 marked a significant milestone. Partnering with Dr. James E. Streeter Ph.D., of Metropolitan College of Theology, Anderson, IN,  Dr. Morgan founded Metropolitan College of Theology, Warren, Ohio (MCTWO). The seed they planted blossomed rapidly, reflecting God's favor on their labor. By 2015, the institution had evolved into the Northeastern College of Theology (NCT) with Dr. Morgan at its helm, overseeing five thriving Satellite Extensions.

Undaunted by challenges, in 2022, Dr. Morgan steered NCT towards independence, culminating in a prestigious accreditation from the Accrediting Commission International in November of the same year. His efforts over the years bore fruit: under his guidance, the Warren Satellite Division of North Carolina College of Theology saw over 150 individuals attain their degrees.

Dr. Morgan's spirit and enthusiasm for enlightenment and empowerment remain undimmed. The current leadership at NCT, encompassing the President, Vice President, and Executive Board, stand united in their commitment to his vision. They are poised to build upon Dr. Morgan's foundational legacy, ensuring that Northeastern College of Theology remains a guidepost of biblical and ministerial excellence for generations to come.

Greetings From The President

Greetings in the Name of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ!

We wish to take this opportunity to welcome each of you to Northeastern College of Theology. We honor the late Dr. Gerald L. Morgan, President, and Founder, who went home to be with The Lord on September 11, 2022. We have lost a visionary giant whose works meet him at the gates. He will never be forgotten.

Dr. Gerald L. Morgan’s successors are his wife of fifty-two years, Dr. Vivian F. Morgan, President, and his daughter, Mrs. Shelby Q. Frederick, Vice President. We are persuaded that we must continue to serve our Lord in God’s college and educate the next generation for such a time as this.

We thank the Lord for your prayerful consideration to become a part of the NCT family. Pray daily concerning your spiritual growth as we pray for you. We purpose to maintain an uncompromising and heartfelt desire that each student will, on that great day, hear our Lord say, “Well done my good and faithful servant.” Do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions.

Grace and Peace,
Dr. Vivian F. Morgan, President
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NCT Leadership Team

Behind every esteemed institution is a dynamic team of visionaries steering the ship. At Northeastern College of Theology (NCT), we are privileged to be led by an Executive Board that embodies wisdom, experience, and a deep-rooted passion for theological education. Each member brings a unique blend of expertise and insight, together forging a path that upholds NCT's traditions while innovatively leading us into the future. As stewards of Dr. Gerald L. Morgan's legacy, they are dedicated to ensuring that NCT continues to be a beacon of academic and spiritual excellence. Dive in to learn more about the remarkable individuals shaping our institution's journey.

Dr. Vivian F. Morgan


Shelby Q. Frederick


George A. Frederick II 

Chairman of the Board

Step into a World of Spiritual Enlightenment

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