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"Spread Theological Wisdom, One Satellite Campus at a Time."
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Aligning as a Satellite Extension School with Northeastern College of Theology transcends the confines of church walls, illuminating the broader community with transformative insights. This distinguished partnership enriches the theological foundation of the church, equipping ministry leaders with profound scriptural understanding and empowering congregations for resonant ministry.

Such alignment equips local churches to profoundly impact their communities. Ministry leaders benefit from sharpened theological insight, leading their flocks with renewed clarity and purpose. The congregation, with an enriched scriptural comprehension, is poised to offer insightful, compassionate service. The wider community benefits from a nearby epicenter of theological discovery, beckoning those on spiritual quests to find direction and purpose close by. This initiative strengthens communal connections, encourages interfaith dialogues, and fortifies the community's spiritual and moral core. In essence, this collaboration is a testament to a vision of a more spiritually enriched and harmonious community.

Prerequisites in Applying

  1. Doctor of Biblical Studies – Theology: You must have completed a Master’s of Theology – Biblical Studies religious degree from NCT or an accredited institution and enrolled in our Doctorate program.
  2. Life-Earned Experience: We value the wisdom that comes with experience. A minimum of twenty years of full-time, life-earned experience is required for prospective deans of our Satellite Extension Schools. Applicants must submit proof of verifiable time in ministry at registration.
  3. Foundational Courses: Suppose you have Life-Earned Experience and are not transferring religious degree credits from an accredited institution. In that case, you will be required to complete the following foundational classes before opening your school:

     a) The Study of Hermeneutics: This course teaches a systematic approach to studying hermeneutics, which helps you to draw the meaning out with a better understanding of the Bible.
     b) The Study of Homiletics: This course teaches the art of preaching and studies the composition and the delivery of religious discourse.
     c)  Introduction to Biblical Interpretation: This course lays the groundwork for understanding scriptural texts.
     d) Systematic Theology: Dive into the organized study of the doctrines of the faith.
     e) Historical Theology: Explore the development of Christian doctrine through history.
     f) English 101: This foundational course aims to equip students with the essential writing and analytical skills required for academic success.
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If you don’t have a minimum of twenty years of full-time, life-earned experience, you must complete the Associate, Bachelor, and Master's degree programs. After that, you can apply to become a prospective dean of our Satellite Extension Program as you enter your Doctorate program. These foundational courses will provide a solid grasp of our core curriculum and prepare you for the Doctorate Program, which can be pursued concurrently with your role as an Institute Dean.

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Satellite Extension School

Dr. Claude Dangerfield
Gloucester-Hampton Roads, VA
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Seamless Integration with Local Ministries

The Satellite Extension Program by Northeastern College of Theology seamlessly integrates high-caliber theological education into the heart of local ministries. By becoming an extension of NCT, your church or ministry can offer a range of accredited theological programs, enriching your community without the need for relocation. Bring academic excellence into your local setting, and watch as your ministry becomes a pillar of biblical scholarship and enlightened leadership.
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Expand Your Ministry's Reach

The Satellite Extension Program at Northeastern College of Theology offers a unique opportunity for churches and ministries to become centers of academic and spiritual growth. Partner with us to bring NCT’s acclaimed Biblical Studies and Theology programs directly to your congregation. Amplify your impact, foster deep biblical understanding, and prepare leaders for tomorrow by hosting our accredited courses right where you are. Don't just build a church; build a learning community.
Advance the kingdom

Northeastern College of Theology Satellite Extension Program is open!

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