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Become a Satellite Extension School with Northeastern College of Theology and elevate your ministry and community. Strengthen your church's theological depth, equip your leaders, and empower your congregation for impactful service."

Join our distinguished partnership and enrich the theological foundation of The Church.


Extension School
transcend the confines of church walls

Benefits of Becoming a NCT Satellite Extension School

"Spread Theological Wisdom, One Satellite Campus at a Time."

Enhanced Theological Training

Becoming a Satellite Extension School grants you access to rigorous, accredited theological programs that enrich your ministry leaders with in-depth biblical knowledge and practical skills.

Community Impact

Elevate your church's role as a spiritual hub within the community, offering a local resource for theological study and spiritual growth.

Church Growth and Reputation

Position your church as a center of excellence in biblical studies, attracting a more committed and educated congregation, and enhancing your reputation within the wider Christian community.

Streamlined Educational Resources

Benefit from a well-structured, ready-to-deploy curriculum, cutting down on the time and effort required to develop educational programs from scratch.
 A thriving community

What our Satellite Presidents are saying

"In everything we do in life, there is a period of preparation to ensure that we obtain ample or more than ample knowledge regarding the things we desire to pursue. Having a great understanding of the Word of God is vital when entering into the field of ministry where we impact the lives of people. Jesus provided instruction to his disciples before He sent them out so they would be effective within their calling. We know that learning is easier when you have an excellent teacher. That's why our educators have achieved an advanced degree in their field. Our faculty is passionate about the subjects they teach and bring this enthusiasm into their lessons."
Dr. Claude Dangerfield | VA
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 Advance the kingdom

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